Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Build 333

The latest addition to Guineu is SYS(8009). With this function you can send and receive data over the internet or intranet using the HTTP protocol.

Local lcWeb
lcWeb = Sys(8009,"GET","")
MessageBox( Left(m.lcWeb,500) )
lcWeb = Sys(8009,"POST","http://server/process.php","data")

You are not limited to transfer text data. For instance, you can have a web page that calls a Visual FoxPro COM server. The COM server could execute a query into a temporary DBF and then return the DBF file. In the same way you can transfer a DBF file to the server where server side scripts can process the content.

Instead of a VFP COM server you could also use a PHP script that accesses a MySql database.

If you want to pass on state information to a VFP application running on the web server, you can use SAVE MEMORY to save all current variables. On the backend you can use RESTORE MEMORY to load the variable set into memory. This is especially useful when the remote script executes a query and query parameters have been stored in local variables.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Build 331

I've fixed a number of bugs. Most importantly, there was a breaking bug in the desktop UI engine that is now fixed. If launching a form brings up an error right away, please download this build. Some minor issues in ALINES() and STRTOFILE() have also been fixed.