Monday, November 30, 2009

Builds 390 - 412

I'll update this blog entry to collect all changes that have been implemented within the past few months. The past month's activity on the release blog doesn't do justice to the development of Guineu. There have been a number of changes.

Build 412 introduces the SelStart and SelLength properties for the Editbox control.

Build 405 adds the SET PROCEDURE TO and SET CLASSLIB TO command. This makes it easier to create more complex applications. Additionally, GuineuIDE handles controls correctly that are stored in a class library. With this release you might have to delete the generated .SCX.PRG files in order to regenerate those using the latest version of GuineuIDE. Starting with build 405 you can create your own VCX class libraries and use those classes on different forms.

Build 403 includes the Timer control. Available properties are Enabled and Interval. Timers raise the Init and Timer events.

SYS(8015) is new in build 402. This function adds SMTP capabilities to Guineu. To send an e-mail from the device you can use the following one liner:

Sys(8015, ;
"", ;
"", ;
"","username","password", ;
"Subject", ;"Body" ;

You need internet connectivity on the device in order to send mails. Sending mails can be an alternative to printing a receipt.

Devices behave differently when you press the Enter key while the focus is on a button. Some devices trigger the Click event, some don't. Build 400 adds SYS(8014) to control this behavior. To explicitly call the Click event when Enter is pressed, use the following option:


You revert to the device's default behavior by using this line:


Build 395 adds the LOOP command. It works on all three supported loop types: FOR, DO WHILE and SCAN. SCATTER and GATHER have been extended in the same build. In addition to the NAME clause, they now support the MEMVAR and MEMO keywords.