Thursday, February 19, 2009

Build 340

GuineuIDE has been enhanced a bit. When you have multiple Project Manager windows open at the same time it can be difficult to figure out which project is currently controlled through the Guineu menu. This has become easier since the project name is now displayed in the menu.

A new option to clean up the project directory has been added. Choosing this option removes all temporary files that GuineuIDE creates in order to build the EXE. Aside from the C# files these are mainly the *.SCX.PRG and *.VCX.PRG file that contain converted versions of the visual files. Use this option after you installed a new build of Guineu or when Guineu isn't picking up any of the changes you make to a visual file.

When your project file contains an icon, this icon is now added to the EXE. Finding your application in File Explorer on the mobile device should now be significantly easier.

Mostly you'll be building the same project type repeatedly during development. After you picked on of the build targets in the Guineu Build menu, this target is added as a shortcut directly to the Guineu menu as the very first item. Repeated builds should be easier this way.

A few bug fixes deal with the conversion of properties. Some color properties where not detected correctly. Also, there was one more issue with long properties that contain double quotes, specifically the _MemberData property. Those are fixed now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Build 336

Forms can now be scrollable. This should make it easier for you to create forms that require a lot of input. To enable scroll bars for a form merely set the ScrollBars property to 3.

Guineu differs in a few details from Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Unlike in VFP the property is read-/writable at runtime. So you can turn on and off scrollbars as needed. However, you can only turn on horizontal and vertical scrollbars together. The scrollbars only appear when there's something to scroll to, though. Similar to VFP the rightmost and bottommost controls define the extension of the scrollable area.

Parameters passed to CREATEOBJECT() and NEWOBJECT() are forwarded to the Init event. STR() does now support all three parameters. A few issued with SECONDS() and SYS(2) have been fixed.