Thursday, December 19, 2013

New branch "develop"

I've added a new branch to the repository that has the name "develop". This branch is the current development version which usually is ahead of the release version in the master branch. Right now the development branch contains two additional commands:

  • SUM
and a number of bug fixes. If you want to join me in developing Guineu then the develop branch would be the one you want.

If you have never used git or branching I recommend you read a great blog post by Python developer Vincent Driessen about a branching model that we have mostly adopted.

Guineu is open source

I've made Guineu open source and published the code and the binaries on Bitbucket. You can download the latest release from:

BitBucket is a git hosting service. If you have git, you can clone the repository from 

As a Bitbucket user you can also fork the whole project to create your own version. I appreciate anyone who wants to contribute a new feature or a fix. Please submit changes as either a pull request or as a Git patch serial. If you do not have git but are nonetheless interested in the sources, you can download them from:

which is a ZIP file containing the current version of the release branch.