Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Build 154

To aid in discovering performance issues with Guineu, Guineu now supports the SET COVERAGE TO command. The performance log looks similar to the one in Visual FoxPro, but is different:

  1. The line number is not the line number in the source file, rather the number of compiled code. Compiled code is every line that is not a comment, a preprocessor statement, PROCEDURE and DEFINE CLASS.
  2. The class name is always empty.
  3. The procedure or module name doesn't properly work for methods. Guineu displays the program name instead.
  4. This fourth column is a new column in Guineu. It contains the command for the line, eg. Guineu.SEEK, etc. This name is meant to make it easier for you to identify slow lines without having to count lines in the code file.

The format of the log file might change in future builds. In the long term the log file should be identical to the one in Visual FoxPro, even when this means to log less information. If requested, I could add an option to log more information.

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