Thursday, November 1, 2007

Build 158

GuineuIDE integrates Guineu with the Visual FoxPro IDE. After executing GuineuIDE.EXE, you will find a new menu item in your Visual FoxPro development environment:

The Build menu item is active when a project is available. Every item in the build menu is a different target that Guineu can create out of your project. Currently only the first two options are enabled. The remaining options will become available within the next week. When a project is compiled, all SCXes and VCXes are converted into PRG files. This conversion support is still a bit rudimentary, so don't use it on your most complex applications.

GuineuIDE uses CSC.EXE (C Sharp Compiler) that is part of the Microsoft .NET Framework to compile the entire project into a single EXE or DLL. All files marked as included in the project are embedded into the generated application (only FXPs are embedded not PRGs). Just like Visual FoxPro, Guineu looks for embedded files before it uses external files. The advantage for you, as a Guineu developer, is that you don't have to ship any external FXP or image files, anymore.

Window Mobile Application – This target creates an application for use with the Microsoft Compact framework. Currently, the path to the Compact Framework SDK is hard coded. I work on that.

Managed Application (EXE) – This target creates an EXE application that can run on any machine with a .NET 2.0 compatible runtime. This includes Windows as well as Linux machines with Mono. The application is a WinForm application which means that you don't get any DOS window as you do with Guineu.EXE.

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