Friday, March 7, 2008

Build 185

Recent versions had an optimization that turned out not to work in all cases. In particular, some properties assignments in class definitions didn't stick leaving them at the default values. As a result, some controls were too wide, too narrow, or had the wrong color. This bug has now been fixed without taking out the optimization.

Guineu is now built with the latest SQL Server Compact Edition, which is version 3.5. If an older version is available, Guineu should be able to pick that version so you don't have to distribute a new version of the database engine.

However, be aware that Microsoft changed the file format between version 3.1 and 3.5. If you use a database that has been generated with SQL Server compact edition 3.1, but your application uses the DLLs of version 3.5, the database cannot be opened. SQLSTRINGCONNECT() returns -1 in this case. AERROR() reports an ODBC error (error number 1526). The ODBC error code in this case is 2. AERROR() returns this code in column 5.

In this case you can use the new SYS(8005) function to perform an update of the database file. You need exclusive access to the database, to perform an update. The Compact.PRG sample has been updated to demonstrate this new function.

SYS(8005) can also be used to create a new SQL Server Compact Edition database file.

AERROR() has also been implemented. Error messages are displayed in plain text instead of the abbreviated name in previous versions.

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