Friday, July 10, 2009

Build 380

A number of bugs have been fixed in the last builds. When Guineu causes an exception (aka crashes) it writes an exception.txt file with additional information where the crash happened. Now you also have the calling hierarchy of your programs so you can see which line of code caused the problem.

Newly implemented are SET DECIMALS. The ? and ?? commands do not yet completely respect the SET DECIMALS setting, though. SYS(1079), an undocumented function in VFP, is also implemented. SYS(1079) causes a crash for diagnostic purposes, if you want to see what the dialog looks like.

SYS(8013) is the counter part of DATETIME(). You can call it to change the local system time provided you have the permissions to change the time. On Windows Mobile changing the time does not require special privileges as it does on desktop systems. ADIR() now provides the date and time of the last file modification as well as file attribute information. The time respects the current daylight saving settings and like Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Explorer. ADIR() and SYS(8013) can be combined to implement a simple time synchronization between the mobile device and the server.

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