Friday, November 7, 2008

Build 322

When a package is delivered to your home these days, you don't sign on paper anymore. Instead, the delivery person is asking you to sign on their mobile scanner. The same requirement came up for multiple Guineu applications, be it to sign for delivery, for receipts, etc.

I'm happy to report that such a control is now available in Guineu. Before you can use the new Signature control, you have to activate the Signature base class with the new SYS(8008) function. This SYS function provides additional base classes that are not in Visual FoxPro. To remain compatible with Visual FoxPro, these classes are disabled by default.

There's also a new Signature sample project with the form you see on the figure. Signatures can be stored in a memo field in either a binary format that can be loaded into the control, or as a bitmap. You can use an Image control and assign the content of the memo field to the PictureVal property to display the signature. PictureVal has been added to the Image control in this release, as well.

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