Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Build 329

Today's build implements SET NOTIFY. While there are currently no messages that are suppressed by SET NOTIFY, this is one command less that you would need to remove from your code. When Guineu encountered an unknown command, in the past you got an error message stating line 1 as the culprit. The latest version accurately reports the compiled code line that caused the problem

Tab order handling: The TabIndex property is now available for all controls on mobile devices. For desktop controls TabIndex has no effect, as of now, but doesn't cause an error, either. For desktop controls the property will be available shortly.

Two other reported bugs have been fixed: Passing THIS and THISFORM to a function doesn't raise an invalid type error anymore. Furthermore, accessing a non-existing object brings up a proper "Member not found" error message instead of a .NET runtime exception.

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